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Unless you’re particularly thick skinned, it can feel awkward to merely browse inside a store. I have, more than once, purchased a thing I didn’t originally plan to buy because I felt like I was paying rent to the space, the time I’d spent there, and the staff that had qualified me as a consumer. But, sometimes, you just want to look around. Get ideas. See rare and radical things. I rather like the idea of a store conceived in a way that it might as well be a park, a playground of art and antiques, and you can just explore. Or check out books, even. Maybe see some music and drink a beer. And go home, electric with experience. Viracocha is such a place...

Mission / Viracocha - by Leslie

August 28, 2013

Where beautiful artifacts, music, poetry, literature, art and design come together in the Mission. Browse the collections on the main level, hole up in the lending library, or catch a live performance in the hidden venue below. Not only is this one of the coolest places in the city, but their warm and welcoming staff makes it’s one of the friendliest, too.


Viracocha: Celebrating Culture & Community - by Max Gibson

December 09, 2010

Embracing products from years past, stepping into Viracocha is half retail experience half museum visit, as early 20th century products line the walls and tables. From vintage royal typewriters, to Tom Jones vinyl, Viracocha maintains their eclectic assortment of products through their commitment to presenting unique items of quality...


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Mission's Viracocha: Not Just A Glorified Garage Sale - by Aidin Vaziri

October 09, 2011

Stepping into Viracocha is like stepping into a different time and place. Since opening its doors last year at 998 Valencia St., the space formerly occupied by the spiritual emporium Botanica Yoruba, this eclectic vintage store has become one of the Mission District's most popular destinations - and not just for its breathtaking selection of beautiful old typewriters...

Viracocha Is Legit - by Emma Silvers

September 12, 2014

As you may have heard by now, Viracocha — everyone's favorite Never-Never Land of a music venue/spoken word performance space/speakeasy/antiques store/beautiful place to stop and use the bathroom should you find yourself having to pee on Valencia — has gone legit...