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     What I try to do...  are find objects & materials that have that 'Little Something', that added question mark that pulls people in.  I prefer to let the items themselves dictate the energy and focus of the design.  The build process, itself, more reminiscent of a conversation, than that of anything scripted with intention.

     I direct the aesthetic, of course, and source accordingly, but given different parameters & expectations, access to alternate raw materials... the designs can easily shift.  I'm always looking forward to newness & challenge, the opportunity to explore.

     My desire is to constantly push myself out of what is comfortable, to stretch concepts.. to employ and retool materials beyond their customary applications.  

     The over-arching principle for any public space or personal home is "Connectivity".  Through 'Others' we achieve a greater self, and equally provide in return.  That ideal is always the driving force -- always our guide.  I employ whatever materials & methods I feel are in service to that achievement... all the while maintaining communication with the client on how to further personalize spaces in the likeness of their own vision.

     It starts with us!  If we collaborate, and bring our combined energies to a project, it will be felt and appreciated by others.  And that's always the first step...  The Sincerity Of Intention.

Let's work together

Email:                                   Phone:  415-794-2561

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